Smart Money

So, now that we are all Making Money….what’s the next step?

It’s time to get smart. Smart about debt, budgeting, saving and investing. Smart about the basic management of your money. If you don’t take control over your money someone (or something) else will. If you ignore your money, before long you will have one big effing mess in the form of debt, consumerism, instant gratificationism and the where did it all go(ism). Any/all of these are UGLY! Chances are that (before you found BasicallyLife) you fell into one of two categories. Either you were:

  1. Aware of your debt and poor money decisions, but did nothing


2.  Completely oblivious of it all and had no idea where your money went every month

PUBLIC SERVICE ANNOUNCEMENT: neither of these are a good idea!! (Look at all that we are learning together already…….”you are basically welcome”)

Put simply, debt sucks, not knowing where your money went sucks and having no money REALLY SUCKS!!

Here is a very simple list of some basic things you can do to get smart with money: