Make Money $

Who doesn’t want to make more money?! Seriously, who?

We all probably know someone(s) who doesn’t want to WORK for money (LAY zee). But I suspect none of us know anyone who wouldn’t be interested in HAVING more money! (Heck yeah!)

I designed this site as a place where people of all kinds of backgrounds and education can come hang out and share cool ideas and learn cool things. Especially cool things pertaining to MONEY; making more, saving more, keeping more ~ more, more, more! This blog is about basic life, and although money is anything but basic, it does seem to be a basic necessity.


Usually when most people think of making money they tend to think about having a job. JOB = MAKE MONEY, right? Obviously I can’t argue with this mindset, we have been conditioned to it for multiple generations. Besides, to some extent, it works. But sometimes, your job SUCKS! Sometimes it sucks AND it doesn’t provide you with enough money to do the things you want, or worse yet, pay for your bills and the basic things in life.

If you love your job and you make a good living (pay your bills and are able to enjoy a few luxuries in this life), good for you! Really, congratulations ~ nothing wrong with a simple approach. But, what if you loathe your job, your boss, your colleagues or your commute? What if your “job” doesn’t pay the bills? Either way, there is good news. Today there are more opportunities to make money than ever before. With a little creativity and ingenuity, you can supplement your current income from your job OR if you are one of the unfortunates with a crappy job, you can quit (sometimes it is OKAY to be a “quitter”).

There are infinite ways to make money. Here are just a few:

  1. Start your own business (this is one of my favs) – explore your passions, what you have to offer back to this world, what you are good at
  2. Sell shit (I am NOT referring to MLM, products, services, etc – I am talking “it’s time to clean out your closet and your garage”) – Garage sale, Craigslist, ebay
  3. Sell shit (I AM referring to MLM, products, services, etc) – open your own brick & mortar storefront, start an online boutique, sell your own products or services
  4. Get a side gig – Uber, Lyft, survey taker, dog walker, pet sitter, babysitter, grandma sit, house sit, sit on a teenager, housecleaner, detail cars, tutor (possibilities are endless)
  5. Start a blog – Check out my journey through the blogging world here
  6. Publish a book
  7. Rent out your home (or a room in your home) – Airbnb,
  8. Build passive income sources – investing, rental properties*, money that works for you while you sleep, or drink beer, or go to the lake or the ski hill
  9. Sell your photos online  –
  10. Become a freelancer –

*SHAMLESS PLUG: if you ever want to buy/sell rental properties, call me (Realtor). My team and I can assist you with real estate anywhere in the world! END PLUG

Shuffle through the rest of the site to see what else you can find about Making Money. If you find something that speaks to you, you try it out and you make millions…….”you are welcome”