In the Beginning


Welcome to Basically Life where we “basically” talk about “life”. Disclaimer: I am not a financial planner, a stock broker, an accountant, an interior decorator, a teacher or a counselor. I am just an average joe trying to make sense of this crazy life we live in.

We talk about some pretty heavy stuff here; money, marriage, making a home and parenting. My goal is to lighten things up a bit. Simplify…..

  • Want more money? Work for it.
  • Tired of renting? Buy a house.
  • Inspired to have a successful marriage? Be a committed spouse.
  • Want to be a good parent? Be PATIENT (I have two teenagers!!)
  • Eager to learn something new? Get educated.
  • Want to get healthier? Eat right and exercise.

If only it were all that simple. But, why shouldn’t it be? I believe with a little research and education (and PATIENCE), we can all be successful and reach our goals.

So jump on in and let’s kick some arse……

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